Victoria Variety Census

Calling all Victoria Large Cent collectors!  I am conducting a census of the Victoria large cent varieties identified in the Charlton Standard Catalog, 65th edition on pages 269-348.  The intent of the census is to lay the groundwork to establish and continue to update over time, three things;
  1. Relative scarcity of a particular variety
  2. Grade spread
  3. Top 10 known by grade

What will be shared? Information relating to the 3 items identified will be shared initially within the participating group and then published once the census fleshes out.

What won’t be shared? Personal information as to who owns what varieties and the participants in the study.  This is a blind census so only the items indicated above will be shared.

What will participants receive? You will get a quarterly update on the census for the balance of 2012.  You will get to see where your collection stands relative to the known population of specific varieties.  You will get my eternal thanks for your participation!

The information will be reported in the following manner (example only, not real data)
Top 10 Grade Spread
Comments on population
62(1), 55(3), 50(2), 40(1), 30(1)
PCGS 2, ICCS 3, Raw 3
D over micro D
55(1), 50(1), 40(2), 30(1), 20(1), 12(4)
ICCS 3, none identified on holder, Raw 16

If you would like to participate in the census, and I hope you will, send me an email with the following information in it relative to your varieties of Victoria large cents. 
  1. Your Name
  2. Date, Variety, Page, Grade (If you are not sure of grade, you can send photographs)
  3. If the coin is TPG graded, the company and their comments relative to the variety if any
  4. Any other comments regarding the coin
If you prefer, you can download a spreadsheet to fill out that you can then send to me.  Here is the link. Follow the instruction in the screenshot below to download a copy.
Thank you for your help with this, the census will be as good as the participation. Participants can expect updates at about the end of June, Sept and Dec.